For the treatment and control of cobalt deficiency in sheep and cattle!

✓ Support energy and immunity
✓ Maintain growth*
✓ Reduce ill thrift*

Prolaject™ B12 is a short-acting injectable supplement, it provides protection in a single treatment.
*For sheep and cattle grazing cobalt-deficient pastures. 


Animal age and breed can affect cobalt uptake – sheep are more susceptible to deficiency than cattle. Parasitism affects the appetite and therefore absorption from the small intestine. If cobalt intake is too low then insufficient production of vitamin B12 will cause low vitamin B12 status in ruminant animals and may lead to clinical signs of deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiencies have a wide range of effects including ill-thrift, immunosuppression and poor weight gains.

Diagnosing a Vitamin B12 deficiency is difficult because symptoms are not definitive and are often confused with the presence of other concurrent conditions. Symptoms can vary significantly in severity. Treatment options include short-acting vitamin B12 injections providing 4-6 weeks supplementation or long-acting injections, however the extra cost of these need to be assessed as they may last longer than required. Some vitamin B12 injections can also include selenium, such as Prolaject B12 1000 plus selenium.

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